#166187  by Incaroads77
 Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:11 pm
I've been a very happy owner of an FYD TRP for a couple years. Paired with a MV-962. (totally rocks btw) I"m having some grounding issues in my rig i think. I know a lot of folks use this set-up, so hopefully figuring this out isn't a long shot. I've never taken the FYD out of the house. I have a separate vanilla ab763 amp for the rare gig. The rack in question has the FYD & MV 962 and nothing else mounted except for a divider panel to give room for the MV's fan.

When i turn in certain directions with my obel strat (tried other mono guitars and all different cables/tubes/JBL's and going straight guitar to amp, as process of elimination) i get the RF or EMI noise, and i totally get that. Turn 90 degrees and you're perpendicular so the noise quiets down. When i unplug the guitars input cable, the noise level increases when turning up the front and rear gain controls as opposed to the unchanged noise level despite how far it was cranked. No instrument or instrument cable.

The FYD to the Mosvalve to the speaker. What would cause excessive noise like that? Also, i would move my hand towards the treble pot, and the hum would become louder without touching it. Dan makes awesome stuff and i'm seriously hoping its this old Mosvalve. I noticed it when turning up to bar gig volume in my house and heard the hum so i started ruling things out/trying different outlets/rooms. I remember this set-up being dead quiet. At low bedroom volume you'd never notice the noise but i'd like to figure a fix rather than avoiding a problem. TIA for any advice!