Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #166130  by GeneralGoldilocks
 Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:45 pm
Hey Now! I have two Jerrycasters for sale, both have no issues and are ready to play, both have been lightly gigged and well taken care of. Both sound and play as they should considering the components they are made of. Both intonate and stay in tune very well. Here is the link to the photos I have uploaded so far

SOLD: The first one is a Troy Post wolf-inspired body wired up by Brian at IO Custom guitars in Wyoming. The price is $1500 plus shipping to CONUS. It has a bolt on warmoth neck with a standard strat neck pocket in excellent almost new condition. Here are the specs:
Troy Post body 2016: Mahogany body, maple top, a couple of tiny blems in the finish on the mahogany on the upper horn (see pics) that Troy actually gave me a discount for. He is a great guy to work with.
Warmoth standard thin neck, same as Fender Modern C shape,
25.5 inch scale length
Maple with Ebony fretboard,
Ebony has a blonde streak in it.
Don't know fret size, but seems like 6150 or 6105
Tru-oil finish
10-16 inch Warmoth compound radius
1 11/16 inches 43 mm width at nut
Schaller 475 bridge
Gotoh tuners
David Allen Voodoo '69 pickups
Wald TCP-1 buffer/preamp
It is wired up like a normal strat but with the addition of an OBEL in or out switch and a Push Pull 2nd tone pot that bypasses active electronics and allows for use without battery power.
It will ship in a Fender Stratocaster hardshell case in good condition except for a small crack i have repaired.

The second is a Fender Partscaster with a Fender Powerhouse body and a Warmoth neck, this guitar is in excellent condition. The price is $900 plus shipping. It has:
Black 90's Fender Powerhouse Stratocaster body, trem and bridge. One tiny scuff near the output jack, no other dings.
A one piece maple Warmoth Neck with 22 frets,
25.5 inch scale length
6150 wire, boatneck profile,
10-16" compound radius,
1 11/16 width at the nut:
Vintage Tint Satin Nitro finish with a Fender waterslide decal with poly over it.
Gotoh locking tuners
3 DiMarzio Super 2's each with a 3 way dpdt on-on-on for single, humbucking (series), and parallel. The switches themselves are kind of in a backwards order compared to the pickup selector switch, so a little confusing, but no big deal once you are aware of the order of the switches.
EMG PA-2 preamp (very similar to original EMG JG preamps, it says JG on the box it came in) always on
Because there was no room on this pickguard for a good spot to install the preamp switch, it is located under the pickguard always on at about +3db gain, very similar to a stratoblaster, it is also wired after the volume, again similar to a stratoblaster.
It will ship in an old Mosrite guitar case that is a little big for the guitar but will be padded well inside to prevent sliding. The case is in very good condition for it's age and pretty bomber.