#165980  by MikeInMarin
 Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:24 pm
Hi folks. I’ve got some cool Jerry rig news for anyone like me who’s been looking for a more portable solution. I have been considering going the small combo route for a while but it just doesn’t make sense given the options and costs to really do it properly. So I’ve also been considering getting a Milkman “The Amp.”

Some of you may recall that I started a post on this over a year ago or so, and I finally got my act together.

After trading some emails with Tim Marcus, the owner at Milkman, and doing a lot of research, I decided to pull the trigger on The Amp this past weekend. It sells for $699 new. I am blown away.

Here’s a video I just did with it using a JBL k-120 and no other effects, other than some ditto looper, tho going through my full pedalboard. I could write a lot on my opinions, but I’ll just post this video and be happy to answer questions.

I also plan to do a shootout comparison with my main rig, which is an SMS CTP and McIntosh MC-50.

Tim was really great and told me he's patiently waiting for all the Jerry players not named "John Mayer" to discover The Amp. So I guess Mayer's a fan, though he doesn't go for the Jerry tone like many of the rest of us, so I'm not sure it's apples to apples, though clearly that's a great compliment for The Amp, in general.

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