#109877  by dkish
Hey I was playing this and wondering if there is some sort of inversion for the A chord in the C-B-A-G bits that end the verse and verse pt.2 parts of the song. Just didn't sound right to my ear, but maybe i just need to go back and listen to the song a few more times to pick up on it....
 #109908  by mttourpro
C A7 D are the chords that end the first part of the verse when it's in the key of G

C to G ends the second part of the verse (also when it's in G)

E C#7 F# are the chords that end it when it goes to key of B

E B ends it the second time through in B
 #110127  by ebick
dkish wrote:Hey thanks man, those bracketed chords were throwing me off big time.
Sorry, those were intended to be bass note walk downs.
 #110193  by mttourpro
Ebick---you obviously have better powers of deduction than I.....I could not figure out why the op was really asking his question---doh! :-)