#174382  by TRG
Hi - I’m in need of a stereo Y cable for my OBEL guitar and was wondering if anyone here is making them?
 #174387  by Jon S.
I use Godfrey Daniels’ cables (and also his Hub-Bubs). Highly recommended.

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 #174388  by TRG
Thanks for the replies all.

I have a custom cord that Andrew Olsen made for me years ago, but he doesn’t appear to be making them any longer.

Was just just wondering if there was anyone still hand making them…
 #174389  by lbpesq
You may want to check with Bayou cables. They do a lot of different cables, including custom. I’ve purchased a five pin cable from them for my Alembic. Great cable and decent price. I suspect they have done OBEL cables before. Of course you could get yourself some wire, a TRS plug, two TR mono plugs, some shrink wrap, and make one yourself. It’s fairly easy.

Another option would be to use a breakout box like the HubBub, or make one yourself. The advantage to using a breakout box is that you are then using one standard stereo and two standard mono cables. If anything went wrong with a cable at a gig, for example, you could easily replace it. If a stereo to double mono cable fails, you are SOL unless you are carrying a backup.

Bill, tgo
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 #174396  by Jon S.
Happy to learn how many good choices we have these days for our OBEL cables (it certainly wasn't always so!).