#174385  by coffeehead01
I'm wondering if anyone can give me any ideas on how Jerry Garcia would have arranged his acoustic gigging. A LOT of talk seem directed mostly at his electric work which I totally get, but I'm more interested in his acoustic side. What I am familiar with or what I have generally read is that he like a D-18 or D-28 (I think he's using a D-18 at Oregon but not certain), and a heavy or extra heavy pick. I know he used Vinci customs on electric but not sure he used the same on his acoustics which I'm going to assum were some kind of light or maybe a medium string. :-? :-? :-? And that's about it. Did he use those stacked JBL's on stage or any effects, any microphone or cable preferences? I also recall reading some where he liked a Trace Elliot 100TR, but I can't see stage pics of this on a stage.

Thanks to anyone and all who can fill in any of these gaps.
 #174386  by lightningbolt
I believe in 1982 in Oregon Jerry was still playing his Takamine F360 which he played at the 1980 Warfield and Radio City shows. It looks exactly like a Martin. Martin even sent Takamine a cease and desist letter asking them to change their logo and design.
 #174391  by Jon S.
I admit I've never understood preferring to play the same brand and gauge strings as another musician because the other musician played them.

We all have different touches, picking styles, grip strength, and overall technique. The strings I prefer are the ones that are best for Jon S. :musicsmile:

This being said, I, too, am interested to learn what musicians I dig prefer so I can take their preferences into broader account as I determine my own preferences.
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 #174394  by NeilG1
I remember reading years back that David Grisman used to tease Jerry for using light strings on his acoustic and tried to convince him to go heavier. Can't find the article now though, but I remember it really well.