#172000  by perljam
Hey there
Thinking of building a 1x10 speaker cabinet with a JBL to get the Jerry tone with light weight. Has anyone tried this? How does it sound compared to a 12"?
 #172016  by Pete B.
I have a K110 8ohm in a 1x10 cab. I run a speaker cord from the back of a Twin Reverb to it. I would say it is excellent for Jerry Tone. I don't want to blow the speaker though so I haven't gigged with it. I mainly use it for band rehearsals and in-home volume playing.
Compared to a K112 I have it is a bit crisper, sharper, treble-ee-er. It really sounds great and I would by another if I come across one.
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 #172046  by Smolder
It doesn’t quite do the D/K120 or 130 thing given that it doesn’t have a 4” voice coil, but it the closest you’ll find in a ten inch speaker.
 #172073  by Jon S.
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