#173065  by Darkstar860
Hi there folks.

I need to rewire my Wolf, but my wolf doesnt have the stratoboost. Mine has an OBEL, so its kinda like the Tiger but with a single coil in the neck. I didnt know if anyone had a schematic for the updated Wolf that Jerry used.

Thanks :-)
 #173066  by Darkstar860
Also what would the schematic look like if you were to not add an OBEL ? Is there anything special you would need to do with the wiring or is it basic wiring ? Im trying to figure out a few different approaches to this. Im not using the OBEL in any of my guitars and I dont plan to. But I want to make sure if i take the OBEL out im not messing up anything other than the OBEL and the tone of the guitar will not be effected. Thanks

-Walt B
 #173067  by Jon S.
 #173068  by Darkstar860
Would I wire the preamp I have the same way is that Stratoblaster ? The preamp I have is like the Tiger preamp. Thanks for the link :-)

I figured out how to remove the OBEL while keeping the preamp and im never gonna use the OBEL again, so that makes it cleaner inside the guitar right off the bat.

Just making sure the Stratoboost and the preamp can be wired the same way, cause im kinda doing the tiger thing with a single coil in the neck.

Also ive never heard of whats on the tiger, its a AM-MOD Pot Linear 250k/500k.

On that diagram in that link where the .02uf are, theres one thats .022f w/ ???. What is that ? Is it just another .02uf ?

I think I got most of this, but im gonna def ask the knowledgeable folks here before I start assuming hehe. ;-)

 #173069  by Darkstar860
The wiring to that 5 way on that link is hard for me to see. Hmm I think thats pretty much gonna be the only thing I cant see well enough on that to do. Theres some zip zag going on there and I cant tell haha.
 #173070  by Darkstar860
Would anyone be willing to make me a wiring hardness ? I dont need the OBEL part and I already have the preamp. I already have the pickups.

I would just need the switches, pots, resistors etc wired. Then all id need to do is wire pickups, battery, and preamp. Lemmi know if anyone would be willing to make me one, id buy 2 actually.

I cant solder worth a damn with my right hand (Have no nerves in my right fingers after an accident years ago, makes little things like this very complicated. Why I have to use Gorilla Snot when playing is because I cant feel the pick in my fingers).

Id be dropping the harnesses into 2 Wolf guitars setup the same exact way. H-H-S and same layout as Jerrys wolf etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

 #173865  by Jeff S
Sounds like you really don't have a Wolf or maybe you don't know what's under the hood because it should have an OBEL and the stratobooster would be the buffer that is in the Wolf and Tiger and Rose Bud. If you need parts, I would visit the jerrytonestore.com. Also you can call Neil Schulman at 718-479-2635 He's a great amp tech and he rewired my Tiger guitar. Not sure which email he is using but here: cschulman@nyc.rr.com, dallek1@optimum.net, dallek6@yahoo.com He's in the NY metro area so you'd need to ship but USPS insured cost me $163.00 2 weeks ago to ship from NY to TX for a guitar.
 #173866  by Darkstar860
Im just not very good with my eyes or my right hand. So sometimes wiring a guitar can be a pain for me and also theres a lot more to it than a standard guitar. And yes I own 5 Wolf guitars haha. I actually dont use the OBEL, but i like the preamps tone. Id love to experiment with some of these different systems and now i see there is Jay and his website out there (Thanks Jeff). I talked with him a little bit and at some point im going to setup meeting with him and having one of my Wolfs done up by him.

Back in 2009 i had an accident where my wrist area got cut open and it cut tendons and servered nerves in my right hand. I had to kinda relearn how to play guitar and to this day i have no feeling in my fingers on my right hand. I have to use grip picks and Gorilla Snot so i can actually hold onto the pick and I also learned to leave my hand on the bridge and use my fingers muscles more. It wasnt fun, but i kinda have a unique style to my guitar playing because of it. I like to mix a Knopfler ish vibe into Jerry licks ;-)

The guitar in the middle is my #1. If you look close the brass pickup ring has roses, turtles and bolts. A friend out in midwest made this for me. Even the 5way has stuff on it. ;-) That is the only one i have a brass nut on. I like each one of these sounding a little different from each other.

Theres 3 of my Wolfs. The one of the right wasnt finished when i took this picture.
There it is finished except the next restring i have a different V tail for it and an aged pickup cover.

I also just finished putting on the wood truss covers.