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 #174279  by Limestone
Hi Everybody! I’m Limestone. I became acquainted with the GD in the 80s, but didn’t get on the bus until around 2016. I love listening to shows from various eras, although my favorite Dead years are from ‘72 through ‘77. Help/Slip/Franklin’s is my favorite song suite.

I’ve been playing guitar and singing since I was a kid, and been in a few bands over the years. Among my guitars are a Clapton Strat, a lawsuit LP, and a recently purchased Eastwood Wolf. I’m at the beginning stages of putting together my Jerry rig- got a Mutron Microtron IV, and a few other pedals. Current amp is a Deluxe, but I would like to upgrade.

Anyway, I hope to interact with other DHs to continue learn and appreciate the Dead. Talk to you soon…
 #174280  by Jon S.