When it doesn't fit anywhere else
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Hey Dead brothers and sisters,hope yous are all having fun and buzzing world wide.We all got the same lifes, living Dead and breathing Dead,and i love you all.Crazzy world we are living in,im very grateful to have found the dead,and my SG with out it i dont know where i would be.And Thankyou kindly to the cats who started and run this forum so we can learn and keep in touch.Anyone on here from new Zealand? ? If so say hello man,we gota be dead friends,i need to known sum nz Dead Heads,hangout with talk swap trade.Im a krazzy record collecter jamming along to them is my life.Man i would love the first night at the fillmore west 27th feb 1969.Got the 28th,one day ill have them all.Take care out there family,and respect and peace to you and yours. :rasta:
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No new Zealand brothers on here,thats sad,we deadheads we stick together.Well i take my mushrooms and tell myself im in the 60s,maybe a kind fellow deadhead can tell me how to and the best price for grateful dead 27th of February Fillmore west 1969,ive got the 28th of February,and the 1st of march,and still hunting for the 2nd of march.Thankyou kindly dead friends.Respect and love.
 #173743  by Apanschar
Hey now! I met some kiwi 'heads on the 1990 tour in Europe. Pretty sure the one guy's name was Mitch --he was walking with a cane as he had recently gotten hit by a car. I ended up selling him my 1969 Toyota in Amsterdam so he could be more mobile with that bum leg, while I did the rest of the tour via Eurail pass.
Anyway, if you see this Mitch, I hope you're still letting your freak flag fly!!!
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groovy man thats cool,thanks for the story,respect.i dont know that cat.mitch if you out there brother get hold of us.to dope my friend.gotta be sum nz heads wtf.DEADHEADS where are ya hiding ,peace bro.