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Thanks for all the Dylan anecdotes, everybody. I’d be lying if I claimed to have never been disappointed with a Dead show, and I kept going back. When somebody once asked me why I liked seeing the Dead so much, I told them because it always felt more like witnessing creativity in action than just a performance. That’s what can make an artist hit-or-miss, I think, and it's also part of what makes them an artist.

So I guess I’d best invest in seeing a few Dylan shows in order to better my chances at catching a glimpse of his genius.

And sorry for such a big hijack, zkinard!
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zkinard wrote: Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:37 pm Wondering if anyone could recommend a Dead tune or a cover they did that is a basic blues tune in A? Started working through a blues guitar lesson book and the beginning primarily starting me off in key of A. Would be fun to apply some of this stuff to a blues tune the Dead wrote or played. Big Railroad Blues sounds like it's in A to me. Is that an A Major blues tune?
U.S Blues is in in A on From the Mars Hotel - not sure if they change it live, but got some great Jerry blues licks in it :-?