#14081  by BlobWeird
Hey guys. I just found an old keyboard up in my attic the other day. I started to mess with it a little and since it wasnt the greatest I went and wrote all the notes on the keys. But now that thats said and done I dont know what to play lol. The whole thing I never understood is how one hand is down low and ones up high. Any ideas for licks/chords/anything for a specific dead song or somethin? I was doin a little bit of chords on it to a couple songs. It was fun usin the rock organ sound and doin some Legion of Mary. But any help would be great guys. Never hurts to learn another instrument

 #14088  by BlobWeird
haha well not really you know. But my room might as well be an attic lol.

 #14090  by GreatNorthSpecial
yea,that's how it goes. Happy St. Patty's Day Mr. O'Irishman
I'll call ya later on.

 #14100  by Chief5959
Here two things I used to get started on keys. I am assuming you play the guitar or have a little musical knowledge. Play a walking bassline on your guitar and familarise yourself with the notes. Transpose this to the keyboard and play with your left hand. With your right hand play the root and fifth of the chord you are playing on the first beat. Once you get that going your can work on comping with your right hand e.g. beats one and three. Then add a seventh note etc.
The second exercise would be to pick out a melody with your right hand while playing a simple root five two finger chord with your left. Simple stuff is the best place to start. Say Helpless by N. Young or some Dyaln songs.
Good luck.

 #49444  by CountryMile Cadillac
I just picked up a keyboard, and was looking for a bit of guidance. It is fun as can be, but if any one can add additional beginners help, that be great. The bass line and the melody ideas above are very helpful, any body got any other advice?

 #49465  by Cosmic Jimmy
Like the other guys said, a great place to start is by practicing a simple three chord blues progression, where your left hand is walking the bass. It will get you familiar with the notes and help with improv. because it's pretty easy on the ear to recognize and leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

 #49481  by Tennessee Jedi
The world needs more keyboard dudes.