#169910  by zkinard
I'm working on intonation on my Eastwood Wolf. First time I'm doing it. Made proper adjustments to the saddles, and the open string (and harmonic) are matching the 12th fret octave for each. When I test the octave down the neck-- i.e. 1st fret and 13th fret, etc. etc.-- I'm noticing that they start to become slightly off with each other around the 4 or fifth fret. Is this common? Noticing this especially with the base strings?

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 #169913  by strumminsix
How's your neck angle? how's your relief?

in most setups, intonation is the last thing you do, not first.
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 #169915  by zkinard
I have new strings on it and already adjust relief/ string height. Any suggestions about where to start troubleshooting?

 #169932  by TI4-1009
Well, I think that's just the nature of an "ill-tempered" instrument like the guitar. You can get it right at the 12th fret- or the 7th fret, or any fret- but not necessarily at the others at the same time. Have you tried getting the open strings perfect and then checking at the first, second, third frets? They're usually off (sharp) because of the bending needed to fret the string.

Tuning is a collection of compromises.
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 #169939  by lightningbolt
I also have an Eastwood Wolf. I received it a few weeks ago and although the guitar looks beautiful I am having similar troubles dialing it in as well.

I brought it to my tech for a setup. He did his best without getting into major work but there are still issues and he suggested I contact Eastwood.

1-Tremendous string buzz especially on the Low E and A string. As a Jerry guy that delicious snap of the Althea lick and the like just does not sound correct. I do not expect perfection but if the buzz is coming through the amp it is too much. Any suggestions?

2-Intonation is OK at the 12th fret but then goes downhill especially on the lower strings the further up the neck you go.

3-The middle p/u tone pot is does not turn smoothly and requires different effort depending on where on the spectrum it is...it needs to be changed.

4-He seems to think the bridge is a bit off and should be sited a bit differently...I am not so certain about this.

I reached out to Eastwood and I am waiting for their response.

I love the guitars look and the price point and would love to make it work if possible.

Does anyone have any experience with Eastwoods service?

 #169940  by TI4-1009
lightningbolt wrote: Wed Feb 17, 2021 9:58 am
4-He seems to think the bridge is a bit off and should be sited a bit differently...I am not so certain about this.

If you measure from the front of the nut to the 12th fret it should be the same distance as from the 12th fret to the bridge saddle (with a very slight difference for "compensation" due to string diameter).

Can you figure out where the string is buzzing? If the string is fretted, it's either buzzing at the bridge or against a fret(s). If the frets are even (no high ones), then you would need to add relief or raise the bridge to get the strings higher off the frets. What's your relief? What's your action at the 12th fret?
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