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 #173242  by Jon S.
For the record: I both caught the Grateful Dead so many times from my first show in '74 to my last in '95 to understand not to expect anything else but, and know how to still my inner critic and go with the flow with Bob, John, Oteil, Jeff, Bill, and Mickey on set lists and tempos. :D

Anyone else here also going to this show? I'll be in Section 303 Row L with my wife and daughter, with the rest of my entourage two rows up in Row J, if you'd like to say hi. A free gummy to the first RUKIND'er that meets me at the venue. :-o

P.S. Just kidding - a free gummy to everyone from RUKIND who meets me there. :lol:
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 #173277  by Jon S.
Wonderful show! The venue was sold out and the crowd was awesome.

Myself, the 6 other people in my immediate entourage, and the rest of my friends sitting elswhere in the venue all agreed Dead and Company is firing on all cylinders now.

I myself was especially impressed with the sit-in drummer, Jay Lane, and how well he meshed with Mickey who, compared to the last couple of shows I caught, seemed especially energized. Indeed, the entire band were so obviously into the show, they were beaming and smiling at each other throughout.

So glad I went after all - I was going to skip the show until my guitar tech, Phil Jacoby, texted me on Monday to say, "Cop tix now, we'll pick you up on the way!" :D ... 51700.html

Set 1:

Man Smart, Woman Smarter
(King Radio cover)

New Speedway Boogie
(Grateful Dead cover)

It Hurts Me Too
(Tampa Red cover)

([traditional] cover) (tour debut)

Cold Rain and Snow
(Obray Ramsey cover)

China Doll
(Grateful Dead cover) (>)

Throwing Stones
(Grateful Dead cover)

Don't Ease Me In
(Henry Thomas cover)

Set 2:
(Jerry Garcia cover)

Playing in the Band
(Bob Weir song) (>)

Uncle John's Band
(Grateful Dead cover) (>)

Terrapin Station
(Grateful Dead cover) (>)

(Grateful Dead cover) (>)

(Grateful Dead cover) (with 'Sleepwalk' tease) (>)

Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad
(Henry Whitter cover)

> 'Playing in the Band' reprise >

Stella Blue
(Grateful Dead cover) (>)

Turn On Your Love Light
(Bobby “Blue” Bland cover)


Black Muddy River
(Grateful Dead cover)