#68999  by Grateful.Ed
Any ideas on some leads? Been doing some jamming in E and this riff comes up but I don't know how to jump off into a lead.

We do a Backdoor Man jam that goes into a few songs and this would be a great addition.

I'm mixing Spoonful in as well so I'm posting for some lead ideas there too.

Many Thanks, Ed.
 #109160  by erubenst

if you notice, the lick itself is just built around the Eminor pentatonic scale. continuing with that scale at different places along the neck- even just up 12 frets is a good place to start. listen to a version by howlin' wolf to hear what he does on the harmonica for ideas- just for a different perspective than how the Dead approach it. another idea-- since the song is built around a basically a string of single notes (especially as howlin' wolf plays it), you can get it sounding a bit more meaty by using some double-stops or partial chords as part of your soloing- again, based just off the notes of the Eminor pentatonic.

 #109204  by tigerstrat
This *might* help