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Using a brush to dust off guitars?
by LazyLightning72 -   - In: Jerry Tone
14 Replies
 by LazyLightning72
Jerry's Travis Bean Guitars
by ej9901 -   - In: Jerry Tone
12 Replies
 by PurpleTrails
Bill from middle TN
by broesau -   - In: Introductions
3 Replies
 by Jon S.
"Original" song "Stackerlee"; "Stagger Lee" is reinterpretation, with funny addition/twist!
by FromWichita -   - In: Stagger Lee
3 Replies
 by strumminsix
Help with guitar solos
by RobertMedica -   - In: Search Help
16 Replies
 by Jon S.
My Latest Pedal Board
by lbpesq -   - In: Everything Else
19 Replies
 by LazyLightning72
Cocobolo set-neck "Wolf"
by augustwest1 -   - In: Guitar Building and Mods
40 Replies
 by augustwest1
Gut shot of my FYD JG Special Reverb Combo (posted with builder's permission)
by Jon S. -   - In: Jerry Tone
4 Replies
 by Jon S.
Easy to find speakers for Jerry tone
by hmic10 -   - In: Jerry Tone
3 Replies
 by Smolder
Eastwood "Tiger" Bass
by Abide -   - In: Phil Sound
8 Replies
 by zambiland